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Bauernhof Kitsteiner is the family farm of the Kitsteiner family. We are not certified organic but we raising food without chemicals is a top priority for us. We farm specializing in the practice of permaculture. We sell duck and chicken eggs, chicken, and lamb. John & Wendi are high school sweethearts. They have four young children, and John’s parents also live on this 100 acre farm. Their goal was to create a homestead and to raise meat in an ethical way for their family. However, they have been selling a small amount of meat to help curb the costs of what they are doing. If you are interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to contact us via phone (615-939-5658), email, messenger, or whatever other way you’d like!

  1. Lamb: We offer pasture-raised and pasture-finished lamb. Our sheep only get a handful of grain when we move them from one pasture to the next. We raise our Katahdin Hair Sheep with no antibiotics, no vaccines, and no hormones.
  2. Chicken: We offer small numbers of organic-fed, pasture-raised whole broiler chickens ranging from 4-6 lbs each in the late Summer and early Autumn.
  3. Chicken Eggs: We offer small numbers of organic-fed, pasture-raised chicken eggs from our flock of mixed heritage breed chickens.
  4. Duck Eggs: We occasionally offer organic-fed, pasture-raised duck eggs from our small flock of Rouen Ducks.