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-Not on Depot Street this Saturday-

Just as a reminder, our market will not be on Depot Street this Saturday (5/19). Officially we are not holding the market this week, unofficially there will be vendors from the market set up in the Walter State overflow parking in front of the food bank building at Church St and Cutler St. We are giving up Depot Street as a good karma gesture to the Iris Festival and Antique Car show. We will be back on Depot Street the following Saturday (5/25) and will remain there each Saturday until the close of the market in the fall.

The following vendors have checked in as follows:
  • Sandra's Crochet Items will be there
  • The Farm at Spring Creek will not be there
  • Summerfield Herb Farm will not be there
  • Brinks Whirlwind Apiary will be there.
Please note, if you are a vendor and want your schedule listed on the customer news letters please email me weekly with your updates to
For information about becoming a vender on Depot Street please go here: