Ready to open a semi-traditional market

Great news! Depot Street Farmers Market is ready to open up as a modified in-person market, starting Saturday, June 6, from 10-12 (note the abbreviated times), at 115 Academy Street.
We’ll be requiring vendors to comply with some best practices for public safety, and we’ll be asking customers to change some behaviors too.

Ready to set up on Saturday?
Great! As always, we’re here to help, but please let us know you are coming in advance so we can be ready for any number of vendors.
Booth fees this year are the same as last year--$5 per week you set up if you join the market ($25 for the season) or $10 per week you set up as a guest vendor.
Here’s what’s different than last year:
  1. Our time and location has changed! We’re at the Greene County Partnership parking lot (115 Academy Street) from 10-12.
  2. You’ll park beside your tent, so that we’ll have car | tent | car | tent to help us with social distancing.
  3. We’re requiring that vendors comply with a few new rules to increase public safety.
  4. Vendors are required to wear masks.
  5. No sampling.
  6. Customers cannot touch produce; we’re asking customers to trust their farmer to pick out the best for them.
  7. Use hand sanitizer between transactions.
  8. Avoid using a cloth tablecloth. A plain table or a vinyl tablecloth that can be sanitized periodically is better
  9. We’re asking that vendors consider having at least two people per tent so that one person can serve customers while the other vendor takes payment.
  10. We’re also asking vendors to package products in clean, easy-to-handle packages so that customers can have a fast transaction.
  11. Round your produce to the nearest dollar to mitigate handling of change.
  12. If you’re sick, do not come to the market. If you test positive for COVID-19, contact the market managers immediately.
  13. You’ll have the option to offer your products in an online market in addition to setting up on Saturday mornings.
Only want to offer pre-orders?
That’s fine too! Our vendors (and customers!) who’ve been participating in the online market have been loving this option! You only bring to market what you’ve already sold, and it’s faster for you on Saturday mornings too.

Beginning June 6, we’re requiring online vendors to join the market as members: $25 for the season, which covers membership to the online market and the in-person market. (If you decide to set up in person during the season, the booth fee will be $5 per week.)
If you’ve been participating in the online market, your actions are largely the same. We’ll change the drop off location to the lower parking lot, just below the small retaining wall.
  1. Package your orders by customer name.
  2. When you drop off your orders into the customer bags, check off the items on the customer invoice stapled onto the bag.
  3. If the item can’t go into the bag (cut flowers, live plants, items that need refrigeration), highlight the item on the customer invoice.
  4. Have your items in customer bags by 9:30 so our at-risk population may come pick up orders.
  5. Pick up your check from Heather.
Please see this post on how to join our online market.

Want to do both online pre-orders and in-person sales?
You go! Just deliver your pre-orders to the tent according to the instructions above, then set up your space and be ready to go by 10am!