Online Vendors, Just a reminder to get your online store stocked up and ready. We go live in this Wednesday at noon.
For March online orders, please have your orders delivered to the market pickup location (Greene County Partnership Parking lot) by 9:30 Saturday morning. Pickup times will begin around 10:00. This gives everyone time to have all orders filled before the pickups begin, and we often have a few customers arrive a little early.

How it works:
  1. Customers place orders between Wed noon and Thurs 6 pm. Be sure to have your product listings and quantities updated by Wed noon. If you sell out of an item but find you have more available, you can go in and update during selling hours.
  2. You will receive an email each time a customer orders one of your products. It is your responsibility to watch for these emails and to fill your orders accordingly.
  3. Please label each item with the customer's name for ease in sorting orders on Sat.
  4. Arrive at 9:30 am Saturday with your items ordered. We will have a bag ready for each customer with invoice on front. Put your items in the appropriate bag and mark the invoice when filled. Note: If your product must be kept cold or frozen, please bring a cooler to keep it in until the customer arrives. Put your name on the cooler and we will keep it safe in the storage unit until the following week.
  5. Heather will have a check ready for your total orders that week (minus fees of 5.9%) PLEASE cash your checks in a timely manner to preserve Heather's personal sanity as bookkeeper! Thank you!
New vendors, please don't hesitate to ask for help!
Heather 423-525-2621 (general market info)
Dale 423-525-6702 (technical help with setting up shop, etc)
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Special thanks to:

Facebook Vendor Group

This is a private and hidden group for vendors only. We will use it for sharing information and ideas, asking questions and getting to know one another! Please join us!

Important dates coming up

Online Market: March 3rd. First day for orders to be taken in 2021
Traditional Market: May 1st, Saturday. Returning to our regular hours of 9am to 1pm

2021 Steering Committee

Mary Goldman, Sandra Tester, Dale Trombley, Heather Youngblood, Leigh Ann Brink, Torri Peters

Helping Out

If you're interested in helping out behind the scenes, please contact us.
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