Community Day on Depot Street is this Saturday, will you be there?!

It promises to be a big day for us, with over 30 vendors and organizations coming. Please let me know if you plan to set up for this event so we make sure to have a spot for you! Thanks, Heather

Big News!!!

Season extended! Vendors at market on August 18th were polled and have decided to extend our regular season through October 27th. Make plans for fall sales!

Online Market! We are working on the framework for an online market to keep our vendors and customers connected during the off-season. Plans are to roll out the program by October 1st so we can work out the kinks before regular market is over.
If you are interested in selling online or would like to help with this project, contact Heather or Dale at market or email depotstreetmarket@gmail.com

New Signs on 11-E!!!
The city has graciously printed and posted directional signs for our market on 11-E. They are located at the 11-E/Main Street intersection and on the ramps at
the 11-E/Asheville Hwy interchange. The city promises smaller directional signs are to come to the downtown area soon.
street sign
If you have a farm/business Facebook page, we encourage you to:
-mention that you will be selling at market
-share official market posts and events to your page
-use the hashtag #depotfresh on any post regarding the market
If we all work together to promote the market, everyone will benefit!

You can help local beginning farmers!

If you are a farmer with at least 3 years of farming experience, a passion for sharing knowledge, and patience with inexperienced aspiring and beginning farmers, you might be interested in taking part in F.A.R.M. The Farmer and Rancher Mentoring Program sponsored by Appalachian Sustainable Development. Click here to learn more: http://asdevelop.org/farm/

If you have any questions, concerns or ideas, please don't hesitate to contact us!
Mary Goldman 423-342-7006 Heather Youngblood 423-525-2621