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Meeting Minutes 12-12-2016

NOTE: New meetings time, First Thursday of each month. Next meeting January 5th

An annual membership meeting for the Depot Street Farmers Market, a NETFA.org project,  was held on 12-12-2016 and was called to order at 6:03 pm by Mary Goldman, President.

Members in attendance: Dale Trombley, Mary Goldman, Heather Youngblood, Gayle Hottinger, Sandra Tester, Grady Tester, Michelle Hudson, Alice Reeder, Thomas Jarratt, Joe Pelz, Becky Mallory


Meeting Minutes: Motion for approval by Alice, Becky 2nd, motion passed

Treasurers report: 

11/01/16 through 11/30/16
All currencies converted to US Dollar
Date Num Payee Tags Category Amount Balance
depot street market
11/01/16   Opening Balance        3,966.84
11/03/16   MERCHANTBANKCDINTERCHNG266018   EBT Expense  -0.15  3,966.69
11/03/16   MERCHANTBANKCDFEE266018709888   EBT Expense  -10.34  3,956.35
11/03/16   MERCHANTBANKCDFEE266018709888   EBT Expense  -29.99  3,926.36
11/08/16 1040 CHECK   Farm to fork expense  -200.00  3,726.36
11/14/16   POS11131616482158WMSUPER   Vendor meeting expense  -10.60  3,715.76
11/30/16   Interest   interest  0.31  3,716.07
11/30/16   Closing Balance        3,716.07


New logo: Thomas inquired as to whether we should pay for a new logo. Topic was tabled to review suggestions at next meeting

Change meeting day: Motion by Michelle to move meetings to first Thursday of each month @ 6:00 pm, in the interest of more people would be able to attend. –  Sandra 2nd, the motion passed.

Committees:  Heather will organize committees as were signed into the sign up sheet.

Next Meeting: Next Meeting January 5th at 6:00pm at the Soup Kitchen

We are a member run market, all members have a voice and a vote!
All members are welcome to attend all meetings.

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