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Meeting Minutes 11-14-2016

An annual membership meeting for the Depot Street Farmers Market, a NETFA.org project,  was held on 11-14-2016 and was called to order at 7:00 pm by Mary Goldman, President.

Members in attendance: Dale Trombley, Mary Goldman, Gayle Hottinger, Joe, Brenda and Bill Jones, Heather Youngblood, Alice Reeder, Thomas Jarrett, Ali Jarrett, Becky Mallory, Steven Mallory, Jarrid Boyle, Lori Albine, KK&Will Proffit, Designs By KR (Kathy Gregory), Carol Waynwright, Pam Etheredge, Sandra Tester, Grady Tester,

Opening Statement by President Mary Goldman: “We did great, and we can do better”
Award presented to Alice Reeder for Perfect Attendance

Minutes Approval: Approval motion by Becky, Seconded by Bill. passed

Treasurer Report: Total on hand: $3966.84


Election: Coming off the board: Bill ,Ali, Brenda, Steve
Becky motioned to keep all board members as were. Bill 2nd. Motion passed.
In addition, Ali nominated Steve as Vice President, Gayle 2nd and motion passed.

Committee Signups:
Market Management Committee: Thomas Jarratt, Steven Mallory
Event Planning Committee: Becky Mallory, Ali Jarratt
Public Relations Committee: Sandi Tester
Advertising Committee: Steven Mallory, Grady Tester
Grant Research and Writing Committe: Becky Mallory

Grower Cooperative: Black Hills Farm, Hope Farms, Makers Way, Gayle Hottinger, Hoodley Creek

Next Meeting December 12th, at 6:00pm at the Soup Kitchen

We are a member run market, all members have a voice and a vote!
All members are welcome to attend all meetings.

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