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Meeting Minutes 10-10-2016

Important Announcement: End of Season Vendor Meeting at First Presbyterian Church (110 North Main Street, Greeneville) at 6:00 pm on November 14. Pot luck dinner. The DSFM will supply plates, napkins, cups, cutlery, and drinks. Vendors are asked to bring a potluck dish, either main dish, side dish, or desert. This meeting is our annual 501(c)3 required meeting to call for nominees to be on the board of the DSFM going into next year. This is also a time for planning what we can offer the community going into next year. We are setting up a meeting with the chef of the General Morgan Inn’s Brumley’s restaurant to ask what he’d like to have available for local produce next year. If you can only attend one meeting, we ask that its this one.  Message us if you have any questions.

A regular monthly board meeting for the Depot Street Farmers Market, a NETFA.org project,  was held on 10-10-2016 and was called to order at 6:25 pm by Mary Goldman, President.

Members in attendance: Dale Trombley, Mary Goldman, Gayle Hottinger, Joe, Brenda and Bill Jones, Heather Youngblood, Alice Reeder

Minutes Approval: Approval motion by Bill, Seconded by Brenda. passed

Treasurer Report: Total on hand: $3995.11

Mansion: Dale made a motion to donate $200 to the mansion from the market for proper gratitude for their hospitality and allowing us to use the mansion during the Market to Mansion event. Bill 2nd and the motion passed.

Writing: asked for help in writing thank you letters to everyone that donated to the Market to Mansion event (approximately 12+/-) and with writing invitations to all potential vendors for the end of the year vendors meeting to be held on November 14, at the First Presbyterian Church in the Simon Room. The writing festival will be at Alice’s place 10/11/2016 @6:00 pm.

Letter to the editor: Mary will write a letter to the editor on behalf of all of us at DSFM to thank the entire community and the Greeneville Sun itself for contributing to our ground breaking and extremely successful first annual Depot Street Farmers Market.

Brumley: Heather will message Becky to ask her to set up a meeting with the head chef at Brumleys, the restaraunt of the General Morgan Inn. The purpose of the meeting is to find out what he would like from fresh local produce going into next season.

Greeneville BMA: Bill will contact Amy Rose to find out about when we should and/or could get on a BMA meeting to request shutting down the road next year, just as we did this year.

Marketing Class: Bill motioned to pay for Heather to go to the marketing class, $30. Brenda 2nd and the motion passed.

Meeting adjorned at 7:16

Next Meeting November 14th, at 6:00pm at the First Presbyterian Simon Room

We are a members ran market, all members have a voice and a vote!
All members are welcome to attend all meetings.

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