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Meeting Minutes 07-11-2016

A regular monthly board meeting for the Depot Street Farmers Market, a NETFA.org project,  was held on 07-11-2016 and was called to order at 6:05 pm by Mary Goldman, President.

Members in attendance: Dale Trombley, Heather Youngblood, Bill Jones, Mary Goldman, Brenda Hawthorne, Michelle Hudson, Alice Reeder, Ray Overturf, Sharon Overturf

Minutes Approval: No June meeting

Treasurer Report: On file

Newspaper: Mary Sent an article for Summerfest and should be in Saturday’s paper. Bill suggests we do an article in the Greeneville Neighbor instead of or in addition to Greeneville Sun.

Greene County Partnership: Wendy, of Brolin and Bailey, will bring up Summerfest to the Greene County Partnership.

Summerfest 2016: Dale said he will set up a pre-registration for the Dog/Owner look alike contest on the website. Mary will be doing a seasonal food demo, the teen chefs from Rural Resources will be offering samples of breakfast burritos.
Heather has asked Jancie to help us with the following

  • Check on tent and generator from Grand Rental
  • Print flyers
  • Fatz food for hospitality tent
  • Premium waters donation
  • Tables from her church
  • checking on getting trustees
  • checking with Healing with Flowers for flower arrangements
  • 6 more step-in signs to help with more advertising
  • Check with getting a key to an unused store front for market storage
  • Corporate sponsors for Summerfest
  • Jancie will be donating a grill set for the dog/owner look alike contest

We have the following musicians set up:

  • The Crossing
  • Jordy Greene
  • Grady Tester
  • Lonesome Pine Bluegrass Band*
  • Greeneville High School Marching Band

We have the following food vendors set up:

  • Project Waffle
  • Catalyst
  • Hoggy Bottom Boys

Mary will collect donations from vendors for the ‘guess the weight’ basket

Dale will begin a monthly vendor printed newsletter for all vendors. It will be handed out during the next available saturday market day, and any not given that day will be snail mailed. He will also create a customer printed newsletter which will be updated on an as-needed basis that will be available at the market information booth.

Ink and Paper purchase: Bill motioned for Heather to purchase ink and paper for all the printing done at her home on behalf of the market. Michelle 2nd, the motion passed unanimously.

Heather:  we have the Dickson Williams Mansion for September 29th, 6-8 pm and we have Eugene Wolf as entertainment. Still need a name for the event, sponsors, and dollar amount per ticket.


  • Early Selling
    It has now been brought to the boards attention for discussion a complaint for early selling by vendors. In a previous meeting of the board (one of the first in fact) it was brought up for discussion, and agreed upon by all, that there wouldn’t be any selling allowed before the 8:00 am opening bell. With the complaint brought to our attention, this has been discussed by the board once again, and found unanimously to no longer be the agreed upon way of upholding good public relations with our customers. We discussed the notion that there are people going to work, or home from work, who may only have an opportune time to shop before the 8:00 am opening bell. We also discussed the notion that we are a brand new market, and in order to keep good public relations, we would not want to turn potential happy customers away.
  • Early Set-up
    It has also been brought to the boards attention some vendors setting up before 7am. While this is discouraged we cannot police this in any effective manner. Please be aware that if you set up before 7am you are NOT covered under the Depot Street Farmers Market insurance if there were an incident. Do so at your own risk as there are no barricades in place and the city has given us permission to close the street starting at the 7am time slot.



Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm

Next Meeting August 8th, at 6:00pm at the soup kitchen,
basement floor of the Tabernacle Presbyterian Church. 715 Wesley Ave Greeneville, TN 37743
We are a members ran market, all members have a voice and a vote!
All members are welcome to attend all meetings.

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