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Meeting Minutes 01-11-2016

A regular monthly board meeting for the Depot Street Farmers Market was held on 01-11-2016 and was called to order at 6:05 pm by Mary Goldman, President.

Members in attendance: Dale Trombley, Heather Youngblood, Bill Jones, Brenda Jones, Mary Goldman, George A. Blanks

Minutes Approval: Bill motioned, Heather seconded, Minutes approved unanimously.

Treasurers report: Total on hand $2684.48

Heather: We need to get liability insurance and advertising plan in order.

  • Heather will check with the Farmers Market coalition on insurance
  • Bill will check pricing on roadside billboards
  • There should be small signs directing traffic into FM on the day of
  • Mary will submit an article to the Greeneville Sun
  • George Blanks will contact John Brown (internet radio show)
  • Dale will put vendor application and Market Rules on the website.

Newsletters: Customer newsletters should begin March 1st and possibly be weekly (Bill). Vendor newsletters can start at anytime and probably be limited to 1 or 2 per month (unassigned).

Windows to the past would like to partner with us this September 10 for a joint event.

Flyers are needed for the market to spread around for advertising. Heather will contact Jancie for this.

TN Association of Fermers Markets: $50/year. State wide information and assistance with farmers markets. George motioned to join at $50/yr. Bill 2nd and the motion passed unanimously. George also volunteered to donate the $50 for the first year of membership (Thank you George Blanks)

John Deere Foundation: Bill will look into getting grants from here

Bookmark flyers: An all in one easy to hand out flyer, that doubles as a bookmark. Heather will check in with Jancie on pricing for these.

Special events for children: We need to set up special events for children and look into the Fox Foundation and Brooks for these grants. Mary said she will contact FFA in regard to children’s events. Brenda volunteered to write the Fox Foundation and also Brooks request.

Meeting adjourned at 7:28 pm

Next Meeting February 8th, 6:00pm

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