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Meeting Minutes 10-8-2015

Monthly board meeting

Attendees: Dale Trombley, Mary Goldman, Sam Moore, Tina Moore, Bill Jones, Brenda Jones, Michelle Hudson, Heather Youngblood

Market rules committee: Michelle, Bill, Sam, Tina

Treasurers Report total: $770.61

Heather and Mary to purchase orchid, Michelle motioned $50.00, Brenda 2nd, motion passed

Coop business plan should be postponed to allow Bill time to write a proper plan. Heather to contact Jancie about this

Bill and Brenda will man the booth at the Barbecue and Bluegrass event. Heather will email Sharon Oneal. Need banner, tent, application.

Vendor meeting will be December 10 at 6:00.

Sponsors: if you think of any sponsors let us know.

Michelle will tweak the full moon event sponsorship letter for market and sponsorship levels.

Dale will investigate liability of a 501c3

Heather motioned to give a free membership to those that came to the full moon harvest celebration. Tina 2nd. Motion passed

Heather motioned to join the Farmers Market Coalition at $40/year. Bill 2nd. Motion passed

Main Street Greeneville was approached to assist us. They told us they can’t help us at this time.

Advertising ideas, local food guide.


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