Supporters and Financial backers

Supporters and Financial backers

Thank-You-to-our-SponsorsThis is a small list of the supporters, helpers, hands on folks and of the many sponsors we have gotten on board with us. Clearly there is an incredible amount of interest from the Town of Greeneville, both public and private, to see a newly rebuilt and strong downtown farmers market.

A big hand to all those that got or are going to get their hands dirty in this. This is not everyone, but it many (if I have accidentaly left your name out just shoot me a message at

With assistance from numerous others including


Major appreciation also goes to:

  • First Tennessee Foundation,¬†Our lead sponsor,
  • Copies Unlimited
  • Landair
  • Greeneville Light & Power
  • Andrew Johnson Bank
  • Grand Rental Station
  • Consumer Credit Union
  • Top Dog Catering
  • Creamy Cup
  • Towne Square Package Store
  • West Side Package Store
  • Healing With Flowers
  • Chef Mary’s Culinary Delights
  • Summerfield Farm
  • Greeneville Antique Market
  • Brolin & Bailey
  • Richland Creek Gifts
  • Evan’s Jewelers
  • Fatz
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